How stupid are we?

How stupid are we?

Postby DDEATH » Sat Mar 31, 2012 6:54 am

How stupid are we?

While we fight over obamacare, (the US' half-assed attempt) the world is laughing at us. Other governments have figured out that universal healthcare is the most efficient way to go. Sure, it's not perfect, but shouldn't the smartest country in the world be able to take the best ideas from around the world and build a good system similar to Medicare?

Norway has been doing it for a HUNDRED years!

Norway 1912 Single Payer

New Zealand 1938 Two Tier

Japan 1938 Single Payer

Germany 1941 Insurance Mandate

Belgium 1945 Insurance Mandate

United Kingdom 1948 Single Payer

Kuwait 1950 Single Payer

Sweden 1955 Single Payer

Bahrain 1957 Single Payer

Brunei 1958 Single Payer

Canada 1966 Single Payer

Netherlands 1966 Two-Tier

Austria 1967 Insurance Mandate

United Arab Emirates 1971 Single Payer

Finland 1972 Single Payer

Slovenia 1972 Single Payer

Denmark 1973 Two-Tier

Luxembourg 1973 Insurance Mandate

France 1974 Two-Tier

Australia 1975 Two Tier

Ireland 1977 Two-Tier

Italy 1978 Single Payer

Portugal 1979 Single Payer

Cyprus 1980 Single Payer

Greece 1983 Insurance Mandate

Spain 1986 Single Payer

South Korea 1988 Insurance Mandate

Iceland 1990 Single Payer

Hong Kong 1993 Two-Tier

Singapore 1993 Two-Tier

Switzerland 1994 Insurance Mandate

Israel 1995 Two-Tier
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