Does it always make sense to make extra payments on mortgage

Re: Does it always make sense to make extra payments on mort

Postby DDEATH » Tue Mar 13, 2012 4:39 pm

ucanit wrote:DD, it sounds to me that you've got a good handle on your finances. So long as you and your wife are able to use (and are comfortable with) the mileage rewords associated with your card(s), I'd say you're smart enough to know what's best and you have enough self-control to only use the card(s) to your personal benefit. The only reservations I have are with (1) the annual fee and the interest rates (15.9-29.9%), which I think are excessive.

Actually, a friend brought this to my attention. He is getting one for himself and one for his wife. He figures he will get four free airline tickets from the 100,000 bonus points and close the accounts before the one year is up (fee is waived for the 1st year). If he uses it enough, the rewards may far exceed the $95 annual fee, if he keeps them after a year.

I don't even know, or care, what the interest rates are on my accounts, as I never pay interest on them.
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