Where is TEX?

Where is TEX?

Postby DDEATH » Tue Feb 23, 2021 7:52 pm


How you doing down there in Texas? I know it got dam cold down there. My wife's bro and his family near Houston lost power for a few days and their sprinkler system pipes were damaged, but they are okay!

Hope you didn't get one of those $7,000 water bills! :roll: Give us a holler when you can........ :D
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Re: Where is TEX?

Postby WestTX » Wed Feb 24, 2021 8:35 pm

Well, if ain't my twin brother from Chicago Land - DDeath!

I'm here, getting old, but still moving in the right direction! How you doin'?

Hell yea, the weather's been cold, but it's warming up now! Alpine had a couple of low nights around 5 degrees, but not as bad off as the Dallas to Houston areas. Them gotdamn windmills and solar panels done froze-up. Jest bring me back some black coal and cast iron furnaces! That'll heat-up your arse! :lol: I haven't dealt with real cold for many years, so I'm glad to see the warmer temps. Remember - I lived in Bozeman, MT for round about 5 years when I was young. Talk about cold...

This Dem administration is killing my head. Has Biden held a single news conference on his own yet? He doesn't look well to me, and that Harris down right worries me. We ain't talk'en about the Dems from earlier years. I just try to listen to Chris Plante's daily morning show over the web when I can. I told you to tune in to AM-890/WLS to listen! Come on now!

I got this old, red tabby cat sit'en in my lap snoring up a storm. This guy is as loyal as a dog, and he's conservative too! We get old together, then we're gone like a fart in a wind storm. :shock:

Mrs. WestTX is calling for dinner.

Thanks DDeath...

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Re: Where is TEX?

Postby DazedandConfused » Thu Feb 25, 2021 8:32 am

Tex, I was toying with the idea of moving back to Oklahoma or Tex. I even had a HS classmate of mine from Cal. wanting to move there with me. That interest seems to have cooled, and after the winter of 21 I may just stay in Florida. I had a lot of reports out of Oklahoma about busted pipes and no heat. 75 doesn't sound that bad although it looks like we will have an early summer. :roll:
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