Postby DazedandConfused » Sun May 17, 2020 8:22 am*ccid_Rb1wuH7z&form=SBIWFC&idpp=sbiwfc&iss=SBIUPLOADGET&selectedindex=0&id=-989351337&ccid=Rb1wuH7z&exph=888&expw=720&vt=2&sim=11People putting bullshit like this out is just anti-abortion crap Whatever your opinion on abortion there is no way in hell that the abortion death toll is higher than all other causes combined. This is neither a pro-abortion nor anti-abortion statement - this is just common sense. This makes anti-abortion people look like total fools and liars. I am not here to argue either side, but to argue for people to be skepitcal of anything they read.
"The whole reason welfare and foodstamps exist, is so those that are receiving won't be rioting in the street,
and breaking into our houses and killing us to get what they want." UCanIt
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