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Postby WestTX » Wed Jan 29, 2020 8:23 pm

DazedandConfused wrote:What is considered better Lexus or Avalon?


Lexus is the luxury line above Toyota. The Avalon can run at a higher price over a smaller Lexus, but if you're comparing large four-door sedans, then Lexus is a step above. The price for an Avalon probably runs $35-$40K. A Honda Accord or Toyota Camry would be just fine too, and at a lower price. The Avalon sorta reminds me of the older Cressida -- the stepping stone from Toyota to Lexus. Acura is the luxury line for Honda, while the Infinity runs above Nissan. I had an older Honda Accord (1985 hatchback) that I drove for over 25+ years with 300,000+ miles. Mrs WestTX drives a Japanese (not Mexican) Honda Fit for the smaller side of cars...

DDeath wrote:Tex, I remember growing up when anything “made in Japan” was considered cheap and flimsy! I know they make some really good cars, but I never owned any foreign car. I never wanted to send my dollars out of the country and always believed in MADE IN AMERICA! However, I do shop at Walmart for certain non-durable goods...... :oops:

I’ve had a GM rewards charge card since the 80’s and save $500 a year towards a new GM car every year. That’s why my last non-GM car was a 79 Mustang...... no big engine but it had 4 on the floor and T-Tops! :D

I am considering all GM smaller SUV’s when my current lease is up on August 1st.


Yep, on your Japanese reference. I remember a 2-transistor hand-held radio from Japan, and it wasn't a Sony! You gotta figure that we nuke'em in '45, so it took awhile for their industry to resurface. I've been to Japan (many years ago) and the work ethic in the industrial complex is eye-opening. We can do the same... I always liked the late 60s model for the Chevy Malibu with its small, 283 V8. And... no one will forget the Chevelle SS models. Not being critical, but I don't think your '79 Mustang was much to talk about. The mid-60s models are quite different, and today's models are unbelievable.

Speaking about the 2-transistor Japanese radio... Your Chicago town had Zenith Radio Corporation and Hallicrafters Radio. I had a couple of Zenith Royal 3000 Transoceanics (receivers), and they were golden. Hallicrafters made a number of shortwave receivers and other amateur radio products, along with a small product line in military radios. Both companies were outstanding.

Smaller SUV? Look at the Honda CRV and Toyota RAV4! :lol:

Dazed: Didn't you have a small Nissan years ago? The older Datsun series like the 510 could stack up the mileage. Remember the first Datsun 240-Zs?

Gawd help us...

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Postby DDEATH » Thu Jan 30, 2020 6:58 am

Gotdam Tex, the years are flying by so fast! I mistyped, it was a 78 Mustang and I loved that car! :D
http://mustangattitude.com/mustang/1978 ... 014_02.jpg

Them Japanese cars were terrific, mechanically.......... but our cars had much more style!

I have $1500 on my GM rewards card and will probably go that way unless one of them ferener autos catches my eye! :lol:
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Re: 1099 R

Postby DazedandConfused » Wed Feb 05, 2020 7:26 pm

I tell everybody to file early and I can't get my 1099 from the State or from my bank for interest. :roll: :roll:
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Re: 1099 R

Postby WestTX » Sun Mar 15, 2020 9:12 am

DazedandConfused wrote:I tell everybody to file early and I can't get my 1099 from the State or from my bank for interest. :roll: :roll:


I missed the clip from earlier. :o

All interest from your bank is reportable, but banks typically don't issue a 1099 unless your interest passes a certain threshold -- maybe $600 - $1500?

I'm not sure what your State reference refers to.

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