FEHB 2020 rates

FEHB 2020 rates

Postby DazedandConfused » Thu Oct 03, 2019 8:54 am

https://www.opm.gov/healthcare-insuranc ... non-postal

Does anybody know the difference between BC/BS - Basic, Standard and Focus?
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Re: FEHB 2020 rates

Postby WestTX » Fri Oct 04, 2019 9:02 am


I asked a friend about your question. BCBS basic is a basic plan with moderate coverage (and an HMO option), while the Standard Plan is like their former High option plan. I'm assuming you're enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B, then use your FEHB plan to supplement what's not covered through Medicare (?). I've heard that some folks skip the Part B plan, but that might be problematic because your FEHB plan alone with Medicare Part A will still leave you higher with out-of-pocket costs. The cost for Part B is sorta like means tested, depending on your income. I'm guessing you pay $130 - $180/month. Go to Google or the BCBS website and search-out for Focus.

My situation is different, because of my military retirement and Tricare (using BCBS). I use civilian docs under the Tricare Extra plan, and I also have Medicare Parts A & B. My wife and I have joint coverage in a complicated way, because she was employed as a Fed (Health Care). Long story short... I'm left with little out-of-pocket expenses. Then again, I'm not near-death (yet). :shock:

Not to worry, cuz maybe we'll all get free health care under a modified, and forthcoming Odumbo Plan. Of course, you'll stand in the queue (long line for a waiting period) for surgery or other complex medical heathcare procedures.

Speaking of medical issues and overall healthcare, have you seen Nancy Pelosi's face recently? That gotdamn plastic surgeon of hers has stretched her face so gotdamn far around the back of her head that her eyeballs are pop'en out! I also heard that the bum son of Biden (Hunter is it?) got some special-type of nasal-widening surgery from an ENT to help him snort more crack through his nostrils down to his arsehole, and at vacuum cleaner speed! He had a disgraceful military discharge as an officer, because he was a crack head. Gotdamn bum.

On a more serious note... DDeath probably has good answers about the BCBS plans, since he's retired USPS. He's OK for a Democrat too, although he better distance himself from the current 2020 candidates.

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