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I just realized that you have stopped trying to marry me off to a frumpy church lady. As long as brunettes exist I am a lost cause. Going to Oklahoma in a couple weeks to stay with my beautiful young brunette for a week, she says is dying to see me. She wants to move in with me, but that would drive everybody here crazy. :D

"The whole reason welfare and foodstamps exist, is so those that are receiving won't be rioting in the street,
and breaking into our houses and killing us to get what they want." UCanIt
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Re: WestTx

Postby WestTX » Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:00 pm

DazedandConfused wrote:... She wants to move in with me, but that would drive everybody here crazy. :D ...

I'm sure glad I checked in tonite, cuz your story gave me some hope that you might jest tie the knot again! :lol:

One thing, tho... Would she drive them male folk' crazy at your retirement establishment cuz of her beautiful looks, or does she have one of them crazy personalities? :lol:

Naw, she's a beauty, right?

Man, jest move back to Oklahoma and settle down one last time. Don't make her move to Florida.

Good for you. Have a memorable vacation.

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