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Newspeak Comes From 1984

The term "newspeak" was coined by George Orwell in his 1949 anti-utopian novel 1984. In Orwell's fictional totalitarian state, Newspeak was a language favored by the minions of Big Brother and, in Orwell's words, "designed to diminish the range of thought." Newspeak was characterized by the elimination or alteration of certain words, the substitution of one word for another, the interchangeability of parts of speech, and the creation of words for political purposes. The word has caught on in general use to refer to confusing or deceptive bureaucratic jargon.

America is being silenced by Google, Facebook, YouTube, the news media, and the Democratic Party. We are losing America.
"The whole reason welfare and foodstamps exist, is so those that are receiving won't be rioting in the street,
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I missed your earlier posting.

From my minority perspective there is hope. You need to watch the entire clip:

I always reflect on Barry Goldwater for the conservative movement.

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