feeling pissed

Re: feeling pissed

Postby vetclerk » Wed Jan 13, 2021 1:12 pm

"none of them stormed the capital" But they stormed the White House but were stopped by police and fences, which if were not there to stop them, would have succeeded and the White House would be ashes now. Let get the facts ... When this occurred EVERY Republican condemned the breach. BUT THE SUMMER-LONG burning,looting,rioting and deaths of the PEACEFUL PROTESTS ,NO ONE IN THE MAIN MEDIA AND THE DEM CONGRESS PEOPLE CONDEMNED. The double standards are astonishing. Discern the facts ,in case you don't what that means, Think on your own and stop ECHOING THE LEFT'S PROPAGANDA. The dems hated that a president who could not be bought off was in the White House. And have for over 4 years have been coming up with dishonest schemes to unseat him and failed . He was always looking for help from across the aisle, but all he got was "he's not my president". Now they want healing , how can that happened when everybody sees that they HATE TRUMP AND ALL CONSERVATIVES. They are silencing different opinions(WE ALL SEE THIS). They are vowing to destroy the lives of those who voted for trump(WE ALL SEE THIS). Wish we had someone who could bring us together . COME BACK JESUS :!:
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Re: feeling pissed

Postby WestTX » Wed Jan 13, 2021 2:58 pm

vetclerk wrote:"... Wish we had someone who could bring us together . COME BACK JESUS :!:


Jesus might be taking a time-out on this shitzuation. One cloudy evening, 50 years or so ago, I was sitting outside with a group of airmen and marines at Pleiku Air Base in Vietnam. An airman asked, "What is that ring around the moon?" A fellow marine answered, "That's the exhaust from Jesus' Harley Davidson motorcycle from riding round' the moon." I damn near dropped right there, cuz of my righteous and strict upbringing as an Anglican. To this day, I remember that statement as if were yesterday. My point? Jesus is jest' writing judgment notes. :shock: The days of Democrats like Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale and Jimmy Carter are long gone... Long story short, I have a Barry Goldwater bumper sticker on the back of my car. My views are pressed hard-core within that sticker from days long ago.

I just view today as a war between the American Nationalists vs. the Radical Progressives (including the older Marxists from the past). The lines are drawn, so take a side and speak out.

WindowMan: Where in the Hell have you been? You gotdamn dropped in here like a nuclear warhead! :lol: Go drop that bomb on the pissant Chicoms in Wuhan! :lol:

There's no need to attack Dazed like that. He's a lil' outspoken sometimes, but he's usually right from my perspective, and I'm try'en to hold him back a lil'! Go get Geezer, and bring him back in here! I've got some Moravian cookie stories for him! ... and while you're at it, pickup KeepitReal too! How are you doing these days?

:shock: :lol: :shock:

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Re: feeling pissed

Postby WestTX » Wed Jan 13, 2021 5:41 pm

DazedandConfused wrote:WindowMan, you are a ...

Holy Shitz, Dazed! :o

My intent wasn't reverse psychology. WindowMan came in here with a nuke. I just asked him to send it on to Wuhan, another Chicom shitzhole.

Storming the Capital was wrong, but I don't blame Donald Trump. I still don't understand why additional security wasn't in place.

The real problem is a double standard between the Democrats and Republicans, where the media covers for the Democrats. 2020 was riddled with riots by BLM and Anshitza, and no one was held accountable. BLM puts a negative image on black folk', and they need some serious beat-downs with prosecutions.

In many ways, Joe Biden reminds me of LBJ, but he lags LBJ by at least 50 IQ points. He appears to be suffering from early stage dementia, he's a proven plagiarizer, and he's a Chicom enabler. Where is Hunter Biden these days?

Ironically, it's Joe Biden who might face the 25th Amendment. Then the laughing hyena (Harris) takes over.

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Re: feeling pissed

Postby WindowMan » Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:25 pm

WestTx, how are you doing? Hope your in good health. You know what I am still the moderator on this board, have not used my power in a while but I deleted a post that was out of line. You know I can even ban certain people if they get out of line so take care what you post as I may be checking this board more often! ..WindowMan
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Re: feeling pissed

Postby DDEATH » Thu Jan 14, 2021 7:40 am

I said it before and here it is again: "Those on the left should stop watching liberal loonies like MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, etc. Those on the right should stop watching right wing wackos like Fox, OAN, Limbaugh, etc. Stick with main stream....... THE TRUTH IS IN THE MIDDLE!" :idea:
Def: FOXBOT - One who mindlessly watches FOX News and believes everything they say, totally disregarding logic and the obvious.
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